Kellerman “The fight hasn’t happened because of Stevenson; Stevenson has been ducking”


max-kellerman-espnSergey Kovalev stopped Jean Pascal a few weeks back in Canada. But it did come with some very solid rounds that Pascal put on Kovalev. The fight which took place two weeks ago as one of the most entertaining fights in the 175 lb. division has seen in a while. Kovalev dominated most rounds even sending Pascal through the ropes in round 3. But Pascal stormed back in the middle rounds hurting Kovalev in instances. Ultimately Kovalev stopped Pascal, and it left no one else at the top but Adonis Stevenson, who was ringside at the fight and told HBO’s Max Kellerman that he wanted the fight ringside.

Kellerman told Hit First Boxing that it was one of the better Light Heavyweight fights he has seen.

It was a great light heavyweight scrap, the type we used to see in early 80’s,” Kellerman said. “We’ve seen in recent years, really good boxing performances like Dawson beating Hopkins, Hopkins beating Pascal. We haven’t seen two top guys brawling at an elite level, and that’s what we got tonight with Kovalev and Pascal. The outcome was up in the air at times.”

Kovalev has a mandatory for his IBF title due soon, but Kellerman says that he feels if both Kovalev and Stevenson want the fight, it can happen. Kovalev is Stevenson’s WBC mandatory and according to the sanctioning bodies, a purse bid is set for April 17th in Mexico City. Kellerman feels things will work themselves out, and we will get the fight for Light Heavyweight Supremacy.

“The fight so far has not happened because of Stevenson; Stevenson has been ducking,” Kellerman said. “Stevenson told us ringside that believe me I’m going to fight Kovalev. If both sides want the fight, we should get the fight, money talks. It’s unlikely they would get that together before the mandatory anyway, so all four titles could be on the line.”