Ken Porter Would Like A Shawn Porter-Keith Thurman Fight Should The Winner Get Mayweather


    Ken Porter, father and trainer of world champion Shawn Porter would love to see his son get big fights that mean something career wise and financially wise for his son.

    The big name in the game is Floyd Mayweather which whom Ken would love to see his son face but believes that will not happen anytime soon. Another name that is out there that has been rising in the ranks is Keith Thurman who has looked impressive in the ring and carries great power in his punches.

    Ken believes that Thurman is a future world champion and if a fight were to take place between Thurman and Shawn that it could be a mega fight if Thurman were to clean up the WBA ladder and for Shawn to clean up the IBF side then face off against each other. If Golden Boy were to skip that and want the two young fighters to face each other then Ken would want a clause in there for the winner to face Mayweather.

    “As far as Keith is concerned, I have mad respect for Keith. Keith is a world champion waiting to happen,” stated Ken. “If he would of fought Maidana when he was supposed to he would have beaten him already. If he gets a shot at Broner he will break Broner down that will be no problem for Keith. My suggestion is move Keith up the WBA ladder and let him clean up that side. Let Shawn do what he’s doing over here and clean up this side and then make a mega fight like they are supposed to. If that’s going to happen and they put the right amount of money on the table and a disclaimer that says ‘when the two young guns take each other out they get Mayweather.'”

    Ken continued, “we want something that’s substantial that says it’s worth it with the monetary value and that we will get a shot against the guy (Mayweather) that gets to pick and choose who he gets to fight. We don’t want to be fighting each other just because they want us too.”