Khan Gives Mayweather Mid January Deadline to Decide If He Will Fight Him


    AmirKhanWhile the world awaits a possible fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan will not. After defeating Devon Alexander this month, Khan’s name has been thrown around as a possible opponent for Floyd Mayweather. However at the WBC Convention in Las Vegas, Mayweather told reporters that he wants Pacquiao and dismissed Khan as a possible opponent.

    Khan waited around last year skipping a fight with Alexander and says he will not wait this year.

    “Last year I spent months chasing Mayweather,” Khan told The Express“That is absolutely not going to happen again. I will give it until the middle of Janaury and if there are no signs he will come to the negotiation table, then I will look elsewhere. “I have to stay busy and I think my last two performances have shown I belong in the same ring with any welterweight in the world, including Mayweather.”

    So where exactly would Khan look? According to Eddie Hearn he should look into facing his British foe Kell Brook who holds the IBF welterweight world title.

    “The Khan fight is probably made by the end of January if it’s going to happen. The only conversation I’ve had is with Al Haymon, who loves the fight [between Khan and Brook],” Hearn said.

    “Floyd’s doing 800 or 900 thousand buys per pay-per-view event. That’s the standard number. Khan [v Mayweather] only does 800,000 buys. If Khan was creating PPV numbers of say 2 million, they would take the fight with him straight away. And Mayweather could lose that fight. They’re very clever in whom they fight and I just can’t see them going for Amir next. He’d make minimum five and probably more like six or seven million US dollars (£4.5m) to fight Kell Brook,” Hearn said.