Khan Salty On Mayweather-Pacquiao “Mega-fights, they often turn out to be quite dull.”


Amir+Khan+Marco+Antonio+Barrera+Weigh+fcqsA1b6Dr4lAmir Khan along with Miguel Cotto seemed to be the odd men out of big fights when Floyd Mayweather announced he would be fighting Manny Pacquiao. Khan was rumored to be in the running with both fighters should the fight fall apart. But now he is on the outside looking in.

Khan told the The Sun that he feels Mayweather chose the easy route.

“We came very close to securing the fight between both Manny and Mayweather – particularly Manny,” Khan told The Sun. “I was in a good position and I could have fought either one of them. My strong performance against Devon Alexander has made some of the opponents think twice about taking me on. Mayweather has probably chosen to fight Pacquiao because it’s an easier fight. He is taking the easy route but boxing is a business and obviously he is going to do what makes for sense for him financially”

Khan also think the fight would have been better five or six years ago.

“It could be tough,” Khan added. “The thing is when they were both at their peak – which was six years ago – this fight was talked about then and it should have happened then. That’s when it would have been a great fight because they were both explosive. They were both at their peak and the fight would have been massive. They both seemed unbeatable back then. Six years later Manny Pacquiao has had two defeats and been knocked out. Mayweather has had some good fights but he is getting old and he’s showing signs of ageing now. He is getting caught a lot more frequently.

Khan even feels that the fight might not be exciting.

“For me, this fight isn’t going to be as explosive or as good as it would have been five or six years ago. Who knows, styles make fights. They’re both very experienced but it could turn out to be a boring fight because there is just so much expectation on it. People are already thinking there are going to be fireworks and it’s going to be massive, but just imagine, we’ve seen it in the past with mega-fights, they often turn out to be quite dull.”