Kovalev Plans to Learn Lessons; Hopkins Plans on Teaching Them


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    Throughout Bernard Hopkins’ illustrious career he has been dubbed many aliases, one of them being the “Professor” of boxing.

    Hopkins’ accomplishments in the ring speak for themselves – defending the middleweight title for an unprecedented 20 times, becoming the oldest boxer to win and defend a world title. Hopkins understands his unbelievable track record has caused some skeptics to actually consider the possibility of him being an alien.


    “When you look at the things I do, the lifestyle and discipline. You would say I’m preserved. You would say that I’m well kept. You would say I’m clean in the garage. The mechanics are all brand new because I took care of them.

    “There’s not one fighter I wouldn’t put my record up against in this era in any weight class. No one expected me to be gone 10-15 years ago. I became their worst nightmare. I still have my sense and my intellect. I can still articulate. That makes me an even bigger force,” Hopkins said.


    Sergey Kovalev has contemplated the idea of a fighter being this resilient for over two decades. He plans to ascertain his opponent’s true capability in the ring and utilize it for future fights.


    “I want to get some lessons from the professor of boxing. He is an old school boxer. I want to get some experience from this fight that can make me better for another fight. I am not going to finish my career after this fight. There will be other fighters that will also be tough and very talented. I should be ready for everyone in the ring and in life too,” Kovalev said.