Krzysztof Glowacki Ko’s Marco Huck and Stop’s Title Streak


Krzystof GlowackiThe 1st bout on the TV card on Spike TV was to see the debut of Marco Huck, who came out to a raucous crowd, filled with a heavy Polish presence, squaring off against Krzysztof Glowacki. The bout was for Huck’s WBO cruiserweight belt. It was the fight that was supposed to
In round 1, Glowacki fed off the crowd and even though he didn’t land too much, he landed more and was able to win round one by most people’s accounts, but it wasn’t a round where Huck was hurt or in any serious trouble at any point.

Round 2 started off slow with both fighters trying to use their jab and measure each other a little more. In the last 15 secs of the round, Glowacki landed a solid straight left that send Huck back. It was a close round that could have gone either way.

In the 3rd round, there was a little bit more trading, both fighters getting caught a few times, not hard enough to put them down, but enough that it would have an effect in a cumulative way. As the crowd chanted Polska, Glowacki landed a solid combination and as the bell wrong Huck continued to punch and the ref had to pull them apart.

As round 4 started Glowacki continued to come forward and pressured Huck into a corner. He landed a couple to the body and landed a solid left hook to the head of Huck. Then in the last 40 secs of the round Huck caught Glowacki with a right cross and Glowacki came back to land a solid punch to the body.

In round 5, Huck came out strong to ignite the chants of Huck from his also strong presence in the crowd. It was by far his best round, and he may have even stunned Glowacki for a second. Despite a couple punches that landed by Glowacki, Huck dominated the round and looked like he wanted to start to take control of the very close fight.

Round 6 Huck caught Glowacki with a left hook that sent him to the mat. Glowacki looked wobbly getting up but may have been playing possum as he started swinging wildly and actually caught Huck coming in. The two men traded blows the rest of the round with neither man wanting to give the edge. It was a round that could have gone to either man, but with the knockdown, Huck was now in the driver seat for the time being.

In the 7th round, the scatter crowd that looked about 75% filled both chanted their names of their fighter. With about 1 min left in the round, Glowacki caught Huck with a left hook and then a good jab that got in clean. It was just another even round as the bell rung and Huck got a shot to his body from Glowacki.

As round 8 started Glowacki struck 1st with a right jab and left hook. Huck then unleashed a three punch combo to Glowacki’s head. Glowacki then fired back by getting Huck in the corner and going to the body. With a full minute to go in the round, Glowacki either was caught with a weird looking punch or a thumb in the eye, but it backed him up, and he took a couple shots. However, he recovered to end the round solidly.

In round 9, the tempo of the fight seemed to slow down. Either both fighters were tired from the numerous exchanges last round, or they both decided to take the round-off. There were not too much exchanged, mostly jabs and an infrequent two piece combo.

Round 10 Glowacki and Huck were both more aggressive. The 2 exchanged solid punches throughout the round. With 1 min left, the round was pretty much even and up for grabs. Huck landed a four-punch combo that likely gave him the slight edge for the round.

In the 11th round, Glowacki was the aggressor with the crowd chanting his name. Huck was able to catch him with a counter right 30 secs into the round. Glowacki continued to attack, punned Huck against the ropes and going to the body.

And then, it happened, Glowacki sent Huck down with a great combo with the left being the death blow, knocking Huck down. Huck looked wobbly as he got up, and he took two more shots with another left being the finisher. Huck was down and not getting up. Glowacki has stopped Marco Huck in round 11 to win the WBO Cruiserweight Championship.