Kyrone Davis Moving Down to Junior Middleweight


Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis of PBC is officially moving down to Junior Middleweight. After suffering his first defeat in his pro career versus Junior Castillo in a tight decision, he has decided to move down to reach his potential.

When asked about when and why he moved down he responded, “I decided a couple weeks ago. It’s a career choice basically. I know it will take a lot of discipline to stay at this new weight, and I need tKyrone Davishat discipline.” While not known for being the partying, Adrien Broner type of guy, just the little things such as improved dieting he believes will help him long term.
“I know I can make this weight and maximize my potential.” A decorated amateur boxer with a record of 91-9, and he is a three times national and state boxing champion. Davis, though suffering a loss, still is primed for the big lights. His fast hands and darting style make him an enjoyable boxer to watch.

He is not hiring a nutritionist, “I’m eating the right foods such as lean meat [i.e.] salmon and chicken breast. I’ve cut out all beef and dairy in my diet.” Davis even went as far to have blood tests conducted to conclude what he was deficient in, so he is taking vitamins to accommodate those deficiencies.

When should fans expect to see him? “September, no later than October.” He is currently walking around 164 so whenever he feels he has dropped enough weight to streamline the future weight cut, then a fight will be named.

No names were mentioned as guaranteed opponents, though he did say they were looking at several names at 154. “I’m looking for a statement fight. No comeback fights to build me back up. I want to make a statement. We’re making sacrifices in the gym all day.” One name that he did mention was Fernando Guerrero and he seemed enthused about that potential bout along with, “I know Erickson Lubin. He’s coming up. That would be exciting.”Erickson Lubin

Davis didn’t want to look too far ahead especially since, “My big bro Julian Williams is cleaning out the division,” but he seems in renewed spirits from that loss. He describes that loss, “It adds character to my resume. It wasn’t the stance just the little things I need to work on…I need to live in the moment more [in a fight] be more focused, but we had a great gameplan and I followed it.”

Kyrone Davis is looking to make noise at his new home in junior middleweight saying, “I’m here. I’m ready to fight.”