Lamont Peterson – “Garcia vs. Peterson is What the Fans Want”


    Peterson wins 112The IBF Junior Welterweight Champ Lamont Peterson took some time to answer some questions about a potential fight with Danny Garcia.  He also addresses Danny Garcia’s negative reaction to the potential match up.

    Tha Boxing Voice:  Lamont, Danny Garcia recently told us that a fight with you is irrelevant to him, how does that make you feel?

    Lamont Peterson: “That’s the way that he feels, I can’t help if he feels that way.”

    Tha Boxing Voice: What do you think you can capitalize on in a fight with him?

    Lamont Peterson: “To me, look, that’s the fight that fans want to see, so I am willing to make it. Weather it happens or not, that’s what I want.”

    Tha Boxing voice: What did you think of his last fight against Mauricio Herrera?

    Lamont Peterson: “It thought it was a good fight. It was an excellent fight, a close fight and I thought that Danny pulled it out.”

    Tha Boxing Voice: Thank you Lamont Peterson.