Lamont Peterson-Without Risk, There’s No Reward


Lamont Peterson, the IBF Junior Welterweight World Champion on May 18 can bring nothing other than excitement against Lucas Matthysse. Those in attendance better be prepared for what these two men bring to the squared circle. The mental strength and toughness that drives Peterson through tough fights, like his match up vs. then the bigger man in Victor Ortiz comes from intense preparation and in ring experience.

Most fans expect the Argentine stalker who systematically breaks down his opponents with relentless pressure to decapitate Peterson, but I feel differently. While I hold Matthysse in high regard, to me his level of opposition compared to Peterson is what sticks out to me. Both men suffered losses in their respective careers, both controversial.

Thinking back to the Humberto Soto fight, did he not present some problems for Matthysse, was me or did he not have some success boxing Matthysse. See I feel Peterson has the ability to change gears when needed but also digs deep from within. This is something he’s proven over his career when he’s been sent to the canvas but always seems to get up and be even more competitive then before he went down. That will power to not want to fail is what I believe he brings to this fight.

Is Lucas Matthysse a brutal power puncher? Well that depends who you talk to. There’s no denying the man brings power to the ring but on a world class level, we haven’t seen him knock anyone out. “Everyone keeps asking me about his [Matthysse] punching power. I know what I signed up for. I realize I’m going to get hit in the face, but I will be hitting him back. I’m not worried about taking a few punches. I’m prepared to go 12 rounds,” said Peterson.

Gabriel Rosado once said, “Beat a monster, become a monster”. Something he took with him, before stepping in the ring with the 160lb monster of the Middleweight division in Gennady Golovkin. While Rosado didn’t win, the saying is true. Lucas Matthysse is a feared fighter, but if Peterson were to beat this boogie man of the 140lb division he will become a monster not only to fight fans but more so to his competitors at the division.

“I believe I’m at the top level, but at this point a win over Lucas [Matthysse] solidifies me as a top guy not only in the weight class, but a top 15 pound-for-pound guy in the game. It would lead to bigger fights. That’s where I want to land. If I were climbing a ladder, a win over Matthysse would be a big jump up to the top,” expressed Peterson.

No risk no reward, words clearly on Peterson’s mind going into this fight. For the fans, a treat none the less, some will evaluate this fight based on power alone, my question to you is, we’ve seen Lucas Matthysse hit, but we’ve never seen him be hit. Peterson is up in-your-face fighting, nonstop, relentless, constant body attacker. “I think it will be a hard fought fight. We’re both going to be matching each other punch for punch. I’m not going to let him get an inch on me. I’m sure he is thinking the same thing. At the end of the day, I’m preparing for a hard fought 12 round fight. I’ll be there every step of the way. May the best man win, but I have more to my game and more strategies to work with.”