Technically Speaking, Malignaggi Isn’t A Bad Opponent For Broner


    Two-Division World Champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner has a problem on his hands in his latest match up against Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi. He’s been placed in a lose-lose situation, damned if you do damned if you don’t. Broner will get no credit from the hardcore fight fans when he takes apart Malignaggi on June 22nd, the outcry from the public is that he moved up two weight divisions to face the weakest link in the welterweight division.


    The public was giving Broner a pass for only having one fight at lightweight simply because he dismantled the top guy in the division and tried three times to make a unification bout with WBO champion Ricky Burns. Everyone could see there was no real threat to “The Problem” at lightweight to cause any real problems.


    Thing is fight fans are a bit less unforgiving of Broner bypassing the Jr. Welterweight division where almost anyone who knows a bit about the sport of boxing could see the amazing matchups that could be made. Variations of matchups where limitless in the division, with fights like Broner vs. Garcia, Peterson, Matthysse, or Judah. Then there are even fights with Holt, Lundy, Dallas Jr., and even Lopez. “All of the good fights at 140 were already matched up, “explained Broner.


    Instead, Broner is moving to welterweight where he will probably only get credit years later when it’s all said and done when people read in the history books how Adrien Broner moved up two weight classes to fight for a title, becoming a 3 division champion. If he is successful, he will be only the 3rd fighter to do this at the age of 23. “I moved up for the opportunity to be a 23-year-old three-time world champion in three different weight classes,” said Broner.


    Legacy, what is legacy? Well honestly if he wins in June, Broner does write his name in the history books of boxing, he does improve his legacy in the sport. Don’t get upset at me, I’m just staying the truth. Technically, Malignaggi is a champion two weight classes above the weight in which Broner last fought. Technically, Malignaggi is a credible and durable opponent/champion. Technically, Malignaggi never been knocked out. Technically, Broner’s power may not move up with him to his new found weight division. “Everyone is saying ‘He’s going up in weight.  Is he going to be strong enough and fast enough to take on a world class world champion?’  I know Paulie is going to come out to fight like he always does, but this will be his fourth loss to a world champion.  He just keeps getting whooped by champions,” expressed Broner.


    Broner can’t get wrapped up in his out of ring antics, he must be focused. Malignaggi is proven and battle tested. While he may not strike you with the wrath of Thor, he’s left many shocked after the score cards have been read. He captured his title overseas when not many gave him a shot to beat a then undefeated champion, Vyacheslav Senchenko in his home country of Ukraine. Malignaggi along with trainer Eric Brown packed their bags and went on a road trip for glory, “I take him seriously, but he’s a clown.  He’s going to come out with big feet, dyed hair and a crazy outfit, but I’m going to punch him until his nose is red enough to complete out the outfit,” said Broner.


    It must be said that Malignaggi has yet to lose a fight at welterweight, though many felt he lost against Cano his last time in the Barclays Center.

     “On June 22, he’s going to wish there’s another corner he can run to. It’s going to be a hell of a night. You guys will be surprised when you see me fight at 147. It is going to be the ‘AB Show.”