Lampley Calling The Kettle Black in Mayweather Criticism


    download (5)The Fight Game with Jim Lampley gave boxing a plateau to discuss important issues in the sport. Recently Lampley made some astonishing comments on his own show by stating, “Fact is, for the betterment of boxing’s image, Floyd Mayweather’s retirement cannot come a moment too soon.” Lampley’s outrage towards Mayweather erupted following the allegations of domestic violence against Mayweather, and his comments concerning the Ray Rice situation.

    Some of Mayweather’s comments on the  Rice ordeal were, “They said they suspended him for two games, I believe a person should stick to their word whether they seen the video or not. I truly believe a person should stick to their word. If you tell me you’re going to do something, you should do what you said you were going to do, but once again I’m not in the NFL so I can’t really speak on the situation but I wish everyone nothing but the best.” Then he was asked should the two game suspension stick and Mayweather replied, “I’m trying to become a better person each and everyday. No one is perfect. That’s up to the NFL to handle the situation, how they want to handle the situation.”

    Days later the comments became viral and Mayweather was asked to elaborate on his previous remarks. Mayweather stated, “Actually I was just getting word from people there was a video out there. I didn’t know because I was training for a fight. If I offended anyone I apologize. I apologize to the NFL and anyone that was offended. I’m not perfect I make mistakes and I don’t condone that (domestic violence) at all.”

    Jim Lampley expressed how Mayweather’s history of allegations of domestic violence is hurting the sport, and boxing will be better off after his departure. The irony is Lampley himself has faced allegations of domestic violence. According to an article by ABC 10 news published on Jan. 5, 2007, his fiancé at the time Candice Saunders reported, “Jim seldom drinks, but this evening he was drinking vodka and whiskey and became drunk. He was also high on pot. Jim pulled me from the sofa I was on, but I wanted to finish the movie before going to bed. Jim began to yell at me and chased me around the apartment. He grabbed me and threw me against a wall. He then threw me against another wall. He then threw me against the door and I collapsed.”

    ABC 10 also reported, “Lampley, was booked on suspicion of domestic violence, violating a restraining order and dissuading a witness, and he was released from the Vista Detention Facility after posting $35,000 bail, according to the sheriff’s department.”