Las Vegas Law Enforcement Warn Las Vegas Strip Clubs about Mayweather’s Behavior



Floyd Mayweather Jr, is no stranger to controversial matters outside the ring. And, yet again, he finds himself in a contentious situation.

According to TMZ Sports, “Las Vegas strip clubs are getting a stern warning from cops—Don’t let Floyd Mayweather inside…because he sexually harasses strippers.”

They have also reported, “Floyd and his crew have run roughshod in various clubs, manhandling the girls.”

“One law enforcement source put it, “He [Floyd] goes in and pulls a ‘Do you know who I am’ and does inappropriate things with some of the women.”

Despite these reports, TMZ Sports also noted, “We spoke with honchos from multiple strip clubs who tell us they will not heed the warnings, because they’ve never had a problem with Floyd.”

They have also claimed, “Sources close to Floyd tell us the boxer is adamant he has never done anything wrong at a strip club — particularly with women — and has no idea why cops would have him in their crosshairs.”

Whether these allegations uphold remain to be seen, but Mayweather’s infamous reputation of the mistreatment of women lingers on. This part of Mayweather’s life has been scrutinized, due to an article published by Deadspin, which analyzed multiple domestic violent cases he’s been involved in.

Despite the horrendous accusations of domestic abuse, Mayweather has only been convicted of three to four cases of battery.

To be convicted of battery one does not necessarily have to cause any physical harm. For example, spitting or touching someone against his or her own will, is enough for a conviction.

No one truly knows the extent of Mayweather’s trouble with women besides the actual people whom were involved in the cases. The reports filed never in fact came to realization to the degree they were described as. What is clear is, Mayweather certainly falls under the crossfires under these matters far too often.