Lena Taylor Seeks To Make Her Mark In 2016

Lena TaylorLena Taylor had her first pro fight in October of 2005. She fought once more in 2006 and stepped away from boxing to expand her horizons and further her education. After nine years away from the sport,  Taylor returned to the ring in July as she took on Shaley Alvarez winning via second round technical knockout and then went on to win a majority decision over Kandyce Williams in November. Her career has started off gotten off to a bright start so the only direction for her to go is forward. Her return date for next year is currently  not set but that doesn’t mean that the opportunities have not been presented. Taylor has had offers to fight outside of the U.S. which would benefit her seeing as to the very little recognition women’s boxing gets (which may change due to Holly Holm’s destruction of Ronda Rousey).
“I have been entertaining offers to fight overseas which is better opportunity to showcase my talent to a broader audience,” Taylor told Tha Boxing Voice.
While Taylor waits for the right opportunity to arise she keeps busy and focused on boxing by coaching young up and coming fighters but her main focus and ultimate goal at the moment is putting herself in the spotlight which may be a bit easier to do with her being ranked as the number six female lightweight in the U.S. there should be plenty of opportunities.
“While waiting to schedule [fights], I have taken on coaching some up and coming boxers and in the process of signing with a clothing line to be the first female representing the brand.” Taylor continued, “I really need to work on getting it out to the boxing community that I am back and ready to go. Taking time off to pursue my education has set me back a little in the visibility category.”