Lennox Lewis Looking To Rebuild Canadian Boxing


    Former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis moved to Canada at the age of twelve. He represented Canada in the Olympics in 1988 and was the last Canadian to win gold for boxing in the Olympics.

    Lewis was shocked during the London Olympics when he had found out that only two male Canadian boxers had qualified for the Olympics. “It’s a shocking situation,” said Lewis. “Coming back (to Toronto) and looking at the situation, I’m thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ Toronto’s gotten so much bigger, which means more young kids to go into boxing, if it’s there for them. So we have to make the situation available for them.”

    Lewis is looking to set up some elite boxing gyms in Toronto as well as Jamaica, England and the U.S. “We want to help young boxers become great. But right now they’re not training the proper way, they don’t have the proper teachers and they’re not doing the right thing. I want some other Canadian’s name up there with mine (as an Olympic boxing gold medallist), I would love that. Hey, it’s lonely at the top.”

    Lewis does not just plan on stopping at the amateurs; he wants to help out the pro’s here as well. Lewis is currently in Toronto training British heavyweight fighter David Price and is continuing his preparation to bring the focus in Canada’s combat sports back to boxing.