Leo Santa Cruz Is Energized and Preparing To Entertain


On August 24th at the StubHub Center, in Carson California, Leo Santa Cruz will challenge Victor Terrazas for the WBC Super Bantamweight title. Santa Cruz is typically a very active fighter, as he fought five times last year. He has only fought once this year back in May and he feels the inactivity is beneficial, he said, “I think taking some time off between fights has helped me a lot because I feel re-energized.  I feel very strong”.


Terrazas is known as a tough fighter, and he is not afraid to exchange. Santa Cruz knows this and he is preparing, “I’m training very hard because I know this is going to be a dangerous fight.  I’m fighting a very tough guy who likes to keep the pressure on,” said Santa Cruz.


In April of this year Terrazas won the WBC title in a hard fought battle against Cristian Mijares. Santa Cruz has held the IBF Bantamweight title and is moving up in weight for this fight. Should Santa Cruz win the title, it would be his second title in two weight classes and he is excited to get another shot. “I feel very happy and motivated to get the opportunity to become a world champion again.  I always wanted to be a world champion in multiple weight classes that fans would remember and always follow.  It’s an honor to fight for the WBC title.  It was always one of my dreams,” Santa Cruz stated.


The fans at the StubHub Center have witnessed many great fights and the all action bouts have become a staple in the Southern California venue. Santa Cruz is excited about his chance to put on a show and hopes to live up to expectations, he said ,”The only pressure on me when I fight is the pressure I put on myself to please the fans.  They’re who I fight for.  I want them to see tremendous action and great fights each time [I fight].  I really want to give them what they want.  I never want to disappoint them”.


Leo Santa Cruz is a fighter on the rise both in and out of the ring. His name has become popular among diehard fans and is building fame with the casual fans. “When I hear fans say they like me, it only encourages me to work harder and show them what I’ve got.  I have a long ways to go, but the hard work has been paying off so far and I think I’m doing OK”.


Santa Cruz has a lot of confidence and on August 24th, at the StubHub Center, we will see if he has what it takes to capture his second world title.