Leo Santa Cruz Makes Quick Work of Munoz After Stopping Him in Five


In one of the easier bouts to predict on the Mayweather vs. Guerrero undercard, Leo Santa Cruz (24-0-1, 14 knockouts) took on Alexander Munoz (36-4, 28 knockouts) in a junior featherweight contest.

At the opening bell, neither fighter wasted any time in taking the fight to the middle of the ring, and slinging leather in hopes of hurting their opponent both early and often. Unfortunately for Munoz, this gameplan proved to be a rather fruitless one.

After a first round that saw him match up to Santa Cruz punch-for-punch, Munoz was growing confident in his chances against the up-and-coming former champion. With a focus on matching Santa Cruz’ punch output, Munoz didn’t realize the mounting effects of Santa Cruz’ attack to the head and body. Cruz continued to batter away at his seemingly clueless opponent before knocking Munoz down in the closing seconds of round 3.

Munoz managed to recover, but his flawed gameplan failed to change. This led to Munoz being knocked down once again in the fourth round, and eventually put away in round 5.

This was far from being the test people were hoping for Santa Cruz to have faced at this point in his career, but with this win he managed to prove that his trademark power has managed to carry over into the heavier weight classes. There’s no clear indication of where he may go following this victory, but coming off of an incredibly active 2012, one can expect to see him again in the ring sooner rather than later.