Showtime broadcast for the Cuellar vs. Mares starts at 10:00 PM EST.

Charlo vs. Williams

Round 1:Both men take center ring as they try to feel each other out and find their respective ranges. Charlo throwing his jab at will, and he lands a lead right hook. Charlo seems to be the one landing cleaner at the half-way mark of the round. Jrock seems to be trying to set up his offense by doubling up on his jab to the head and body. Charlo seems to be lighter on his feet and able to avoid the in-and-out of Jrock. Not much offense in the first round but clearly a Charlo round.

10-9 Charlo

Round 2: Charlo is visibly bigger than Jrock, and also more poised. Each man seems to be feeling the other out. Charlo knocks him down with a jab, but Jrock rises to the count. Both men swing on the inside to the cheers of the LA crowd. Jrock lands a hard shot and follows up with several others.


10-8 Charlo

Round 3: Jrock still pumping out his jab with little efficiency. He lands another short combination, but Charlo comes back with a 1-2. Jrock has seemed to find his range now and is holding a better account of himself in this round. Charlo lands a three punch combination as Jrock hits the ropes. Jrock misses two punches but lands a solid left hook to the body.

10-9 Williams

Round 4: Jrock lands a right hand as Charlo gets on the inside. He lands a beautiful uppercut. Charlo comes back later with a combination but doesn’t land clean. He lands a nice right straight against Jrock. Both men seem to land a solid right hook at the same time. Charlo lands a nice left hook upstairs. Both men landing nice shots as the round closes.

10-9 Charlo

Round 5: Charlo lands a nice right straight to the body as the round opens up. Jrock lands a clean right hand coming inside, but Charlo lands nice shots in the clinch. Each combatant trying to establish their wills on the inside. Charlo lands a counter uppercut that floors Jrock but he gets back up somehow. Charlo finishes it rather quickly once he gets up though as he lands a few more shots that floor Jrock again. The ref calls it then.

Jermall Charlo wins via knockout in the 5th round.