Lucas Matthysse Makes Quick Work of Lamont Peterson and Knocks Him Out in Three


After months of anticipation, the Showtime Boxing main-event featuring a match-up between Lucas Matthysse and Lamont Peterson finally occurred. Regardless of the fact took place at a catchweight (thus nullifying the fights status as a title fight), the fight managed to deliver on the all-action expectations that many had going into it.

The fight started as many had anticipated. Matthysse came out the aggressor while Peterson was doing his best to prevent his usual slow start. Peterson had a good showing in the first round as he managed to prevent Matthysse from getting any kind of significant offense going. Things took a took for the worse in the second round, however. After a start to the second round that had both fighters fairly even in the judge’s eyes, Matthysse managed to land a hard right hand that managed to send Peterson reeling along the ropes. Matthysse capitalized on his hurt enemy and forced the knockdown in the second.

Coming into the third round of their bout, Matthysse came out especially aggressive in an effort to swarm and put away Peterson. Instead, Peterson managed to survive through a mix of well-timed clinching and smart boxing. As the round continued, it became obvious that Peterson’s focus was no longer on winning the bout, but surviving. Right as it seemed as if Peterson was getting himself back into this fight, Matthysse dropped him with a vicious left hook. This sent Peterson crashing to the canvas, but he somehow managed to rise to his feet. Although referee Steve Smoger allowed the fight to continue it was obvious that Peterson was seemingly out on his feet. After another quick swarm by Matthysse, the fight was finally waved to an end.

With a huge knockout victory against the incredibly tough Lamont Peterson, Lucas Mathysse has proved that he is as legit a contender as one could possible come. The rumor is that Matthysse has earned a fight against welterweight champion, Danny Garcia (26-0, 16 knockouts), while Peterson’s future is much less clear. Win or lose, both of these fighters managed to prove that they are worth following.