Magomed Abdusalamov Recently Hospitalized


magomedThe sad tale of Magomed Abdusalamov has taken yet another sad turn as the 33 year old former heavyweight contender has been hospitalized yet again and is currently in stable condition at a Connecticut hospital with blood and bone infections which doctors have said to be life threatening, according to ESPN.

Abdusalamov was admitted to the hospital on New Year’s Eve for the fourth time within four weeks. According to Abdusalamov’s wife Bakanay, Abdusalamov has been diagnosed with sepsis and osteomyelitis.

In Abdusalamov’s fight with Mike Perez he suffered numerous injuries which has caused him to suffer numerous strokes, be in a comatose state for ten weeks and has been left paralyzed on one side of his body which has caused him to be unable to walk or talk and to be bedridden.

It’s a hell of a price for his family to pay and one can not imagine what his wife and children have gone through.

“Before this happened we were more than husband and wife,” said Bakanay. “Everything was perfect. Now the children (Patimat and her two sisters, Shakhrizat, 8, and Saygibat, 5) always ask when he will be back to who he was and I hold out hope ‘Mago’ will at least be able to speak again and smile some more.”

The Abdusalamov family has spent a vast amount of time in and out of hospitals and within a year have racked up more than $1.7 million dollars in hospital bills and although it has been pricey, Abdusalamov  seemed to be on a road to somewhat of a recovery until recent medical events put a stop to that.

“Before last month it seemed we were done with hospitals and focused on rehabilitation, but since he developed the infections he hasn’t been alert or able to communicate and it’s so agonizing that all of his progress stopped with these recent struggles.”

Regardless of all the hardship and mental anguish that the Abdusalamov family has been through this past year, they remain optimistic.

“We always try to stay positive. We pray and hope for the best as this is Mago after all, and he is always a fighter.”