Manager: “I’m Not Optimistic About Cotto, But I Am For a Fight With Saul Alvarez because the Mexicans like Gennady.”


Golovkin-Quillin-LeeMost pundits feel that Martin Murray is Gennady Golovkin’s toughest opponent to date. However, not many people are giving him a chance to pull the upset. Should Golovkin win, a possible return date of May 16th is in the cards, whereabouts to be discussed.

According to Golovkin’s manager, Golovkin wants to unify titles, and he is eyeing the winner of the Peter Quillin-Andy Lee fight happening in April sometime later this year.

“He would love to fight the Lee-Quillin winner because he wants to unify the world titles. He’s mandatory challenger for Miguel Cotto, but I don’t think that fight will happen soon,” Max Herman told ESPN UK.

Regarding a fight to travel to the United Kingdom, Herman says Golovkin would definitely travel for Andy Lee or Carl Froch.

“He hopes in the future to fight against Andy Lee and of course there could be a potential fight with Froch,” Herman told EPSN. “Absolutely he could fight in the UK one day if there’s a good opponent – maybe Carl Froch or maybe Andy Lee, it depends.

However, Herman doesn’t know how willing Froch would be to fighting Golovkin.

“Carl Froch has plans to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and maybe Bernard Hopkins, but he has never mentioned Gennady Golovkin as a possible opponent. I don’t think Carl is afraid of fighting Gennady; it’s just a question of business and Carl has nothing to prove, he’s 36, and I think he will prefer other options than Gennady. But we would like to make this fight,” explained Herman.

Regarding a possible Cotto fight, Herman understands why it might not happen.

“I’m not very optimistic about the Cotto fight because Cotto has a completely different plan other than to fight Gennady,” stated Herman. “Last time he fought was June last year and we don’t know when he will fight next. It’s understandable because Cotto is not a big guy in the middleweight division, so I’m not optimistic about Cotto and am more optimistic about a future fight with Saul Alvarez because the Mexicans like Gennady.”

Regarding a Ward fight down the road, Herman says it will need some building because of Ward’s situation.

“Andre Ward has not fought since November 2013 so he hasn’t fought for 18 months now and he will want a tune-up fight when he comes back and then we will need to then build up the fight with Gennady. It takes time to do all that but 2016 it’s [a fight against Ward] a fight that is realistic for Gennady.”