Manny Pacquiao on Canelo-Khan “It’s a good fight for him”


Amir Khan Saul Canelo AvarezManny Pacquiao has arrived in Los Angeles for what is said to be the final training camp of his career, as he plans to retire after his match against Timothy Bradley on April 9th from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Pacquiao has not entered the ring since his loss against Floyd Mayweather in 2015. Despite the adverse reaction over his recent comments towards the LGBT community, Manny received a warm welcome upon his arrival to LAX.


When asked how he felt about the upcoming fight between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alverez and his former sparring partner Amir Khan, Pacquiao said, “It’s a good fight for him (Khan).”

This fight has been criticized by boxing fans as a mismatch because of the weight class difference and Canelo’s sheer superstar reputation. The boxing world cannot throw Khan to the side as a mere pushover for Canelo; these are both elite fighters.


The tale of the tape speaks a lot for both fighters, that being said, these are two very different style fighters. Canelo has been able to dominate his opponents, with the exception of Floyd Mayweather, with his strength, youth, and ability to take heavy punches. Khan, on the other hand, uses his speed and agility to his advantage, which could be the number one problem for Canelo in this fight.


The red head Mexican superstar is a flat-footed fighter, who prefers to stay in the pocket with his opponent, utilizing his power. Khan could use his speed to land punches in bunches on Canelo, using the Mayweather method of defense, defense, defense. However, if Canelo can catch Khan with one of his power shots, which he will at some point, it could be lights out for Khan who is known for having a glass chin.


There is clearly more to Khan then his reputation holds. Both Pacquiao and Mayweather retired, conveniently enough, before their paths ever crossed. Though Alverez is the favorite to win, this fight could turn out like De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao in 2008. De La Hoya was nearly guaranteed the win over a smaller Pacquiao, who had only fought once over 130 lbs. Pacquaio was able to use his unmatched speed to capture the win and ultimately retire Oscar De La Hoya.


Don’t miss when Amir ‘King’ Khan faces Saul ‘Canelo’ Alverez May 7, from the new T-mobile center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


This is boxing; anything can happen.