Manny Pacquiao’s Deadline To Mayweather 6 Days Away


la-sp-sn-manny-pacquiao-vs-chris-algieri-live--002The anticipation of a potential matchup between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao continues to rise as we draw closer to Pacquiao’s deadline of January 31. Optimism during these negotiations had certainly been at an all time high. In contrast to the past several years when both parties have hit an early roadblock that ultimately made the bout seem surreal instead of a viable option.

There have been many reports that all parties involved in this matter have worked diligently to make the most lucrative fight in history a reality. Despite there being conflicting statements of Pacquiao’s camp stating Mayweather is causing the adjournment, and Stephen Espinoza explaining to The Los Angeles Times, “No one is waiting on Floyd, and for Bob Arum to say otherwise is a misrepresentation of the facts.” Negotiations seem to be heading towards a positive direction, but with a few minor bumps on the road that has stagnated a covenant amongst all parties.

Throughout this whole process, Pacquiao continues to express a high level of optimism by telling Sky Ringside that he believes there is an 80% probability of the bout being finalized. Despite the near certainty, according to Sporting News Pacquiao’s camp has already expressed interest in facing Amir Khan as a backup plan. This would certainly be a great opponent for Pacquiao to face, but the negotiation process may languish once again knowingly Al Haymon (Khan’s Advisor) and Top Rank have an arduous history of doing business together.

There have also been many reports indicating Mayweather’s team is seeking out a rematch with Miguel Cotto for a middleweight title if these negotiations do not pan out.

Besides the actual people involved in the Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations. No one is quite certain of the exact status of this situation, but the general public has certainly expressed their desire to see this bout occur and hope neither fighter will be forced to pursue their backup plan. The bright spot of this matter is the fact that fight fans should know much sooner rather than later if the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout will truly happen within the first half of 2015.