Marcos Maidana Appears In “Corazon de Campeon” (Heart of a Champion) Music Video


When it comes to media and boxing they go hand in hand. Hollywood loves to visit pro fights and it is not rare to fighters appear in movies and occasionally they will even cross-over into the music industry. Marcos “El Chino” Maidana has made the cross-over into the music industry but not as an artist which some boxers have tried and failed miserably at.

Instead Maidana made on appearance in a music video called ” Corazon de Campeon” or Heart of a Champion by Chicano/Mexican rap group Locura Terminal.

With Maidana’s success with Robert Garcia and his heart and fighting style in the ring he has built up a Mexican fan base within the United States and appearing in the video shows how the Argentinean fighter has crossed over with other Latin Americans.