Marcus Browne Looks to Stay Active, Waiting for the Word from Haymon


The Staten Island born Olympian Marcus Browne made his pro debut this past Friday night on the popular Showtime series ShoBox: The Next Generation on a card appropriately titled “Night of the Olympians.” Browne’s skills were on full display, proving to the world that his let down in the Olympic Games is a thing of the past.

Browne is a southpaw and was the number one rated amateur boxer at Light Heavyweight in the U.S. “It was a great feeling especially being with my teammates, it felt like we were doing something legendary, but at the same time I was glad to put the Olympics behind me and to the future look forward to a world title, but taking it one step at a time. Taking every fight as a learning experience, going in the gym and working on the things we need to work on and fix things and getting back to work. I’m focused on getting back to work already,” added Browne.

While the first dozen or so fights in a prospect’s career are development fights and in no way barometer for where the fighter is at, but instead a gage, a test per say as to where this young fighter is going to be, and how far his ability and capabilities in the ring will take him. Marcus Browne seems at this point to have the physical attributes to succeed in the sport, the dedication and drive that it takes as well. If you missed Marcus Browne’s debut have no fear he’s looking to stay active. “It all depends on what Al Haymon has in store for me, as long as I keep healthy don’t get head butted don’t get cut we’ll be in the ring frequent stay busy getting the experience,” said Browne.

Marcus Browne showed maturity and poise proving that at an early stage in his career he will listen and carry out the instructions passed down by his corner. Trainer Gary Stark Sr. told him in his New York lingo which included excessive usage of the word “Yo” (typical of a New Yorker) to get his man out of there by KO, the fight got nasty in the third. He sent [Codale] Ford down to the canvas with a left to the body. Ford made it to his feet, but two rights to the body made the ref interject, and halt the action, set for four rounds but ending in less. “I wanted to get him out of there but be patient, I was having a lot of fun, and I’m picking my shots and doing what I have to do. That fight was ok to me I know I can perform better, I have a few things I need to work on. I saw [tape of the fight] for the first time yesterday, it was cool it put a smile on my face to see myself on Showtime making my Pro debut, there was a few things I saw me and my team discussed it and we’re getting back in the gym,” expressed Browne.

Winning this is a step in the path of proving that the Olympic Games scoring system is a flawed one and that Browne’s style is better suited for the professional syndicate. “Yes definitely but only time can tell, so I just have to win my next [fight] one and the one after that and the one after that until the world knows,” said Browne.

The dreams of becoming a world champion for any fighter are set in stone in one’s mind and nothing is different for Marcus Browne. He too believes one day he’ll be world champion, his dedication and drive to the sport of boxing leads him to believe that, that task and goal is not too far from becoming a reality. “At the pace we’re going, of course we’re going to have to slow down a little bit after a while but who knows two and a half three years max you know,” explained Browne.

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