Mark De Luca 12-0, Already Gunning For Gennady Golovkin


300px-MarkDeLucaMark DeLuca a relative unknown prospect to the Boxing community. With that being said, DeLuca is now signed with Al Haymon and in a position to make his name known around the country.

He has 12 fights (12-0-9KO) in the 160lbs. Division and is looking to build his record to championship caliber. Currently in the Shawn Porter training camp helping Porter get ready for his upcoming bout against Roberto Garcia. DeLuca sat with “Thaboxingvoice” very own Sean Zittel to discuss possible opponents while he is under the Al Haymon promotional brand.

When asked what he thinks of Gennady Golovkin the kingpin at his division currently. DeLuca told us “I think he’s unbelievable, he just like a Chavez everyone compares him to Chavez. I try to do things to emulate GGG, but there is only one GGG.” Looking very far down the line for DeLuca he was asked if he was interested in a fight with the Kazakh warrior. DeLuca responded like a true fighter saying with an ear to ear smile “I would love it! Any real fighter would like to fight the best in their time and generation, and GGG is definitely the best at Middleweight. It’s a longshot, but I would love to.”

Signing with Al Haymon may put DeLuca right where he wants to be as he now has the promotional machine backing to push bigger fights. Obviously only having 12 fights won’t open too many eyes as of yet but if DeLuca keeps racking up wins and knockouts. We’ll have no choice but to look out for the young kid from New England.

A GGG fight could very well be in the future for him, especially with the difficulty Gennady “GGG” Golovkin has finding willing opponents. People will call Mark DeLuca insane for being optimistic of a possible GGG fight. I call it ballsy. Lookout for Mark DeLuca as he tries to make a rise to champion status in the 160pd division.