Marquez-Bradley: The Fight For Pacquiao?


Both of these men come into this fight with recent victories over the legend that is Manny Pacquiao.

Bradley comes into this fight with an impressive record of 30 wins and 1 no contest. He holds victories over some top names including as already mentioned Manny Pacquiao, Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander. This is a great list of champions and truly shows that Bradley is an elite level fighter more than worthy of fighting Marquez.


Marquez is an experienced fighter who also has a great record of 55 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw. He has victories over Manny Pacquiao, Juan Diaz and Marco Antonio Barrera. Marquez is probably most famous for his epic rivalry with Manny Pacquiao which has taken place over 4 fights and is being talked about for a possible 5th fight in the future. Many see Marquez as being at the wrong end of some decisions and that he deserves a greater record from this rivalry than he has with 1 win and 1 draw.


The last fight was an incredible win for Marquez. Marquez inflicted a huge knock out on Pacquiao that was one of the best shots seen in recent years. Many called into question the career of Pacquiao to return after this.


Bradley is a technically good boxer who possesses great speed that can often make him look a class above his opponents. I expect him to try and use his technical ability and speed to keep Marquez away from him. Bradley is likely to impose in and out tactics against someone that is a bigger puncher than himself.


One issue for Bradley may be his habit of trying to go toe to toe with someone that suits to their liking more than himself. His last performance against Ruslan Provodnikov highlights this. Yes, it was a great fight to watch but Bradley put himself at too much risk for my liking. I expect that he will have a higher level of respect for Marquez and will not look to take such liberties having seen just what Marquez can do to opponents.


Marquez is also a technical fighter but has more capability when the going gets tough. He has true heart and determination and can take a shot. He can get involved in a scrap if he needs to and can be very successful in doing so. He has won 7 world titles in 4 weight divisions which is a fantastic achievement and shows what a brilliant boxer he is. Aged 39 he is very experienced but is yet to show real signs of his age which is surprising. He still looks in great shape. He is one of the best pound for pound boxers out there and will prove a very difficult opponent for Bradley to beat.


I expect this fight to be very close with Marquez starting quickly and Bradley taking a more dominant role in the later rounds with his 10 year age difference. I expect to see Marquez struggle with Bradley’s speed at points but I still see Marquez showing once more what a warrior he is and going on to claim victory. I expect the fight to be difficult for Marquez but I just see him coming out on top possibly with a late knock out and inflicting Bradley’s first defeat.


I am so excited about this fight and cannot wait for it to take place on the 12th October