Marquez Feels That Canelo Should Give in to Cotto’s Demands and Make the Fight Happen


    download (2)Juan Manuel Marquez could be the greatest Mexican fighter of this generation and certainly could be added to the list of long great Mexican boxers of all time. So when he talks about the two young stars in the sport, his opinion is certainly worth noting.

    Canelo Alvarez is said to be negotiating a fight with Miguel Cotto and has told the media Cotto is tough to negotiate. Marquez says if he wants greatness, he should give in to Cotto’s request and beat him in the ring, not at the bargaining table.

    “I believe Canelo should give into some of Cotto’s demands. My point is if he really wants the fight and wants to show he is the best Mexican fighter, he has to let Cotto ask for what he wants. In the ring is where you show how great you are and that’s where you show how great of a fighter you are, Marquez said on the show Golpes a Golpes.

    Marquez feels Cotto has earned being the A-Side of the fight because he has proven more at this point in their career.

    “Cotto should get more. But If Canelo beats Cotto, then for the rest of his career he can ask for what he wants but first he has to beat Cotto,” explained Marquez.

    Regarding the other Mexican star Julio Cesar Chavez, Marquez feels he should have a tune-up fight before he gets in the ring with a guy like Carl Froch as the rumors say they are negotiating a fight.

    “We saw in the Bryan Vera fights, he was out of rhythm. He needs to get in the gym and find his rhythm and take a fight before he fights a guy like Carl Froch,” explained Marquez. “Froch is a great fighter and is a bad fight for Chavez if he goes directly to it without a tune-up.