Matthysse-Provodnikov “We’re Working with Cruiserweight’s & Middleweights for this fight.”


B8I1ODZCcAAu42w.jpg-largeLucas Matthysse-Ruslan Provodnikov is the hardcore fight fan’s dream; two warriors that will go to war and leave it all in the ring at the light welterweight division. The bout is scheduled to air on HBO. Where and where is still in question. Lucas Matthysse’s promoter and Ruslan Provodnikov’s promoter want the bout to take place on March 28th at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California. Logically that’s where the Fight belongs. But Al Haymon is said to have a hold on the date without a fight being scheduled, so the logistics of the fight aren’t set

But Team Matthysse has begun camp and are just waiting for the word. “We’re here training, waiting for the fight,” Luis Dionisio Barrera, better known as the “Cuty,” the trainer of Lucas Matthysse told ”

Matthysse was one of the few fighters who were still advised by Haymon and that remained with Golden Boy. And in the long run Matthysse dropped Haymon and stayed with Golden Boy

“He had a contract with Golden Boy always and not with Al Haymon” stated Barrera.

Matthysse will stay in Argentina for training, and it’s a ritual him and his team have maintained throughout their career.Imagen10

“We’re going to start really preparing for the fight in a week,” explained Barrera. “Right now we’re doing some things but nothing too crazy. Once we return, we’ll get our rhythm down. Right now, Lucas is weighing 165 lbs. And we’ll have a camp in Argentina and we’ll go to the US a week before the fight. We have good sparring here. We’re working with cruiserweights and middleweights for this fight.”

Should he be victorious, a title show should be next for Matthysse.

“Hopefully we get the rematch with Danny Garcia. We want to fight for a title be it with Garcia or Peterson. Hopefully, our next fight we get a title shot.