Matthysse to fight Dallas Jr.


    Lucas Matthyessee (32-2, 30ko) was supposed to face off against Hank Lundy on January 26, but Lundy pulled out over promotional issues. Instead, Mike Dallas Jr. will be stepping into the ring to take on the Argentinian earthquake.

    Mike Dallas Jr. is on the come back trail after losing two straight in 2011 to war heroes Josesito Lopez and Mauricio Herrera. The Lopez fight came via seventh round ko.

    He’s since won both of his 2012 fights. Hoping to continue his comeback, he would make a gigantic statement should he come away with a victory over Lucas Matthyesse.

    Matthysse has been creeping violently over the Junior Welterweight division like a black plague, and over the past year, people have taken notice.

    He’s earned the label of most feared after destroying most of his opponents by brutal knockouts. Most boxing heads would pick him over just about everyone in the division. In his last outing, he had a rousing one sided TKO victory over Ajose Oluson that was entertaining, given Ajose’s steel chin and warrior heart.

    It’s going to take more than just will and a set of whiskers to stop this freight train.

    His two “losses” over 2 years ago were robberies. We can say that on this site. They weren’t “controversial” or “debatable.” The man was robbed in the hometowns of two A side fighters.

    Outside of that, Matthysse has been steadily marching his way towards undeniability, but will have a hard time finding a credible opponent until one of the name fighters of the division has to fight him.

    Mike Dallas is credible as a stay busy opponent, but I can’t foresee a way for Dallas to come away victorious.

    I’ll be posting a full breakdown and prediction during fight week.

    Matthyssee vs Dallas Jr. January 26 on Showtime.