Mauricio Herrera: I Made Danny Garcia Look Foolish. I Know This Performance Is Going To Haunt Him


Mauricio Herrera’s fight with Danny Garcia was to date a career high in which he did more than enough to win but the decision as well as the judges were against him. Herrera pushed the pace of the fight and controlled the tempo with the jab which according to Herrera, he lands his jabs with as much force as his right hand does. Some people don’t believe you can win a fight with a jab then maybe they didn’t watch the fight (or Malignaggi-Judah).

“I think that the jab is the key to boxing,” said Herrera.  “A jab is not just a regular punch. A jab is a strong punch. You can hurt somebody with a jab. A jab is just like a right hand and I land jabs as hard as I land a right hand so everything counts.”

While Herrera landed jabs at will, Garcia loaded up with power shots and missed on a lot of them. The fact that Herrera was busting Garcia up with a jab and Garcia had no answer for it frustrated Garcia.

“I made Danny Garcia look foolish at times and I showed and I think I took it to him all the way till the end and I pressed the fight . The jab was the key. He couldn’t get passed it. It frustrated him and I did what I had to do.”

The decision itself was a shady one but how will it affect Garcia whom began to talk about moving up in weight after a poor performance against Herrera and Herrera calling for a rematch on neutral ground?

“I think it (the decision) goes along (with robberies such as) Chavez-Vera and all the rest of them. I think Danny is not happy. He did not get a good sleep last night. I know he was thinking about the fight and didn’t put on a good performance. He said he was going to stay at 140 for a while and now all of the sudden he says he is going to move up when we talk about the rematch so I don’t know what he wants to do. I know this performance is going to haunt him so hopefully he will give me a rematch.”