Mauricio Herrera: ‘I’m the Best at 140 and I’ll Fight Anyone to Prove It’


    09-Herrera-IMG_9634In just a short period of time, WBA interim junior welterweight champion, Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera will make his first title defense against undefeated Top Rank standout, Jose Benavidez Jr. Herrera won the title back in July when he faced Johan Perez and won a majority decision. Before that, Herrera had faced unified  junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia and lost a controversial decision in Puerto Rico.

    Herrera has since expressed desire to rematch Garcia and prove he is the best at 140 pounds, before any of that can even begin to blossom. He has a tough task in front him later tonight. It still isn’t enough to convince Herrera, ( 21-4, 7 KOs), that he is perhaps the best in the division as well as the most underrated fighter. “I think there are still a lot of people who don’t know who I am. I think I’m coming up slowly and this fight here, being that it’s Benavidez and on HBO, its a big network. I think I’ll get more followers.” On the topic of Herrera being perhaps the best in the division, “I think I am, I’ve never really been beat decisively. Now that I have Golden Boy I get full training camps. I get to be able to give my best so I’m willing to fight anybody at 140 pounds to prove it.”

    Herrera is a very technical fighter. Its a style he is well known for, but need be, he can produce some exciting fights and has recently done so, “You know, I like to be a technical fighter but you can sense when a fight is kind of boring so I always find a way to try and make it exciting, taking those risks even if I have to take some punches to give the fans what they want.” Mauricio also feels that it’s very important to put on great performances when given the chance on a big network such as HBO to secure feature dates. “You have to put on a good fight, for the people, and the people watching at home so they can call you back and put you on the show again. So you have to sometimes lay it all out there and take those risks.”