Mauricio Lara shocks the world, stops Josh Warrington


Mauricio Lara shocked the boxing world with his performance against Josh Warrington. Lara was a huge underdog and from the way, things looked at the beginning of the fight it seemed rightfully so.

Lara was slower but his shots had great impact. Lara sent Warrington down and almost took him out in the fourth round. It took only a few more rounds for Lara to finish what he started in round four and his patience paid off.

“We were working round by round and things went as we planned because we knew he was the number one in the division,” stated Lara after the fight.

Warrington vacated his title before the fight had happened which sucks for Lara but he’s optimistic that an opportunity will arise.

“It’s sad because we wanted the title but not a problem. That might come in the future.”

If Lara was not a known name beforehand he sure as hell is now. It just goes to show in boxing anything can happen and anyone can be a threat.