Mayweather-Canelo: Thoughts From a Trip To The Strip


It was a very hectic and action packed weekend for me as I made a trek out to Las Vegas for the Mayweather-Canelo card.  Amongst from meeting up with old and new boxing friends, I got to cover the grand event for  Here are some takeaways from me trip to the strip.

Mayweather is still king

Floyd Mayweather Jr. made it look easy, too easy in fact. For all the talk that this might be his toughest fight in a long time, which the odds agreed with, couldn’t be further from how the fight played out. Floyd Mayweather was magnificent, confusing his young opponent throughout the fight. Floyd stated that he and Canelo were both thinkers, except it seemed like Canelo was thinking too much while Mayweather was picking him apart. Canelo was looking to counter too much and that wasn’t the right formula to dethrone the best fighter in the world. I gave Canelo  one round.

The fight early on was as entertaining as a one sided fight could be. The atmosphere was electric but round by round it was like how most Mayweather fights are, with the fans of the opposite fighter quiet. Everything about Floyd’s performance was so masterful except it may have been too good. I had said all along that I was picking the draw because the building of another brand may have been evident so the rematch or trilogy for Mayweather-Canelo would be much bigger than ‘The One’, however that did not happen. So for Floyd, the options are limited in terms of massive boxing events. But as long as he keeps fighting, he is an event in himself but will it get any bigger than last Saturday? Probably not. But one thing is for certain, he still is the best.

CJ Ross Must Have Still Been Sleeping From The Smith-Molina Fight

114-114? Majority Draw? CJ Ross has just proved herself to be a terrible judge who should never get big fights ever again. Remember, this was the same judge that scored the Marquez-Bradley fight 115-113 in favor of Bradley. I couldn’t find any press member who scored the bout closer to 117-111 and that was generous in itself. I scored it giving it 119-109, while I know many had it scored 120-108, a complete shut out for Mayweather. The decision was terrible and for Keith Kizer to back her up is disgusting in its own right. Schaefer had stated that the media needed to write and do something, well here goes. She is terrible at her job and should be suspended and or retire.

When I spoke to Mayweather Sr., her stated, “That’s some bullshit and that lady should be suspended or never allowed to judge a fight again. It’s bullshit and if it was up to me, us or the promotions should be able to pick the judges.” Now while that impossible, the Nevada State Athletic Commission should do something. While I picked the draw, I wasn’t judging the fight, maybe CJ Ross bet on the draw also.

Danny Garcia is Elite

I never said Garcia wasn’t a very good fighter. I didn’t know if he was elite. Well after his performance last Saturday night, that question should never be brought up again. Garcia boxed with his opponent Lucas Matthysse, even scoring a knockdown on the man known as the machine. Garcia would land his combinations and slide away from Matthysse’s strong right hand. Not only that, but when Garcia picked off some off Matthysse’s shots and he ripped shots of his own which was impressive.

Garcia’s chin was to the task as he ate bombs and kept coming on. Garcia’s timing was as good as it’s always been, closing Matthysse’s right eye. Garcia was committed to the body and when Matthysse came in he would wrap Matthysse up and turn him. It was a very impressive performance. I had expected Mayweather to be the better man even if I bet the draw for boxing politics reason, but if anyone was The One on Saturday, it was Danny Garcia, who put himself in line for a possible Mayweather fight sometime next year as a member of his team Sam Watson said, “was likely possible.”

Matthysse Not A Machine?

Lucas Matthysse is still a very good fighter who put up a good performance and lost a close fight to Danny Garcia. But all the talk on social media was that he was overhyped. If he was, than that takes away from Garcia’s performance, and it shouldn’t. I even heard that he was on steroids talk after the loss. The fact is, Garcia was just better that night and deeming him as over-hyped or he was on steroids is just wrong to both fighters. He is a good fighter who can still make noise at 140 or 147 and I can’t wait to see him fight again.

The Money Team Not So Money

0-2-1 was the record for the weekend excluding the victory from Floyd Mayweather. Badou Jack got a very favorable draw. Ishe Smith clearly lost to Carlos Molina while winning on one of the judge’s cards as did Ashley Theophane in his loss to Pablo Cano. Much like Floyd Mayweather, The Mayweather Promotions opponents had to do more than just win to get the nod, thankfully for Molina and Cano, they got the nod, but Periban was not so lucky.

Maidana Doesn’t like Broner

Although this fight hasn’t been signed yet, it’s close and the dislike from Marcos Maidana to Adrien Broner was apparent when i asked him his feelings on Broner, his antics, and his disrespect to some of his opponents. Maidana in clear English stated, “I don’t like it, fuck Broner.

In Closing

Great people, great atmosphere and it was all in all, a very great weekend of boxing.  I asked Stephen Espinoza and Sam Watson what opponent for Floyd Mayweather would generate so much buzz, both men told me that was a very good question. It’s back to the drawing board to creating and building up an opponent and buzz as big as this. The only name that would come to mind is…..Manny Pacquiao. Well we’ve crossed that bridge before or better yet will probably never cross that bridge ever.

Next Stop-Colorado for Alvarado-Provodnikov

Hope to see some of you there.