Mayweather: I’ll probably fight Berto or Mayfield


    Floyd Mayweather’s Sean Zittel was live and direct from the Mayweather Gym yesterday where Mayweather Promotions held the open workouts for Saturday’s PBC on NBC card featuring Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter. The self-proclaimed ‘TBE’ made an appearance and looked jubilant as ever as he was holding court with the media.

    Floyd Mayweather, Jr. whose promotional company is the lead promoter for the fight this weekend in Las Vegas made noise by telling the media if Oscar De La Hoya was coming back that they could do a rematch on September 12.

    De La Hoya then came out and said that his comeback talks were never serious and will never comeback.

    So if not Oscar De La Hoya, who’s the lead guy to face ‘Money’ on September 12th in what could be the last fight of his great career?

    “Who am I fighting?” Mayweather asked Zittel. “Probably Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield. I don’t know one of those guys. I don’t know; I need to get me a solid guy, I need something to do. But I can’t overlook those guys, they young and hungry.”

    Apart from promoting the fight, Mayweather was promoting the clothing line and was asked about possibly opening the new stadium in Las Vegas set to open next year.

    Mayweather says anything is possible

    “We’ll just see,” Mayweather said. “Everything takes time, we’ll see. I am in the check cashing business.”

    But he seemed happy and was asked if he missed boxing. “Absolutely not,” Mayweather said. “I’m semi-retired now as we speak.”

    Mayweather says he’s had a great career where a lot of money was made and now wants to see the young fighters grow.

    “I’m just happy because I want to see the guy that’s the future of boxing do good. I had a great career. We ain’t even finish this year and to be some off numbers, I probably made 300-420 million dollars this year. I still got another $100 million left to make. This year’s not even up, so it’s possible I make 520 million dollars this year.”