Mayweather-Pacquiao Inches Closer as HBO and Showtime Are Scheduled to Meet Today


    manny-pacquiao-floyd-mayweatherAccording to the LA Times, today is a big day when it comes to the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao negotiations. Last night it was reported by multiple media outlets that Manny Pacquiao had agreed to terms for a Mayweather fight. Among those terms which were not confirmed by his promoter Bob Arum was the date and venue, a 60-40 split in favor of Mayweather, and USADA testing. But the next stage of negotiations lie in two rival networks agreeing to the broadcast rights and money. The two networks are set to meet today according to the LA Times.

    This was done years back when Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson faced off. At that time Lennox Lewis was with HBO and Mike Tyson with Showtime. HBO the network with more subscribers had the A-side in Lewis the 1st time around and HBO produced the broadcast. This go around Showtime has the A-side in Mayweather, so that might figure in huge with negotations of the joint pay-per-view.

    One official told the LA Times, “Nothing’s done until it’s all done,” but stated that if the pay-per-view deal is settled, attorneys will draft contracts.

    Aside from the callout on Showtime last month from Mayweather, most of the noise has come from the Pacquiao camp in regards to this fight. Last night it seemed like the onus was put on Mayweather again with the reports of Pacquiao agreeing to terms through his promoter and his promoter basically saying it’s all incumbent on Mayweather approving. Here we go again, stay tuned.