Freddie Roach Doesn’t Think Showtime Can Afford to Have Mayweather-Pacquiao Not Happen


    downloadFreddie Roach like most of us is sitting back and hoping that his star pupil Manny Pacquiao finally faces off with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Roach is optimistic and feels this is as close as it’s ever been to happening.

    “I hope so,” Roach told “ I think it’s close, closer than ever. Manny kind of made fun of Mayweather and Mayweather came out with a comment. We got a response back from it. I thought it was good. The fight needs to happen. I hope it pushes through.”

    Should a fight with Mayweather not come to fruition, Roach has made it clear he wants Danny Garcia at 140 pounds. There was a report last week on implying that Roach had reached out to someone in the Al Haymon (Garcia’s advisor) camp to discuss a possible showdown. Roach says the report wasn’t true even though he wants Pacquiao to fight Garcia.

    That’s not true, I never called Al Haymon or anyone in his camp,” stated Roach. “I don’t know anyone in his camp. I would love to fight Garcia if Mayweather doesn’t happen. We’re not going to wait forever. I would like to fight Danny Garcia, yes. I don’t know anyone that’s friends with Al Haymon. I only met him once.”

    Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum isn’t sure Pacquiao will move down to 140 but Roach says it’s wherever Pacquiao feels most comfortable is where his next fight will be if it’s not Mayweather.

    “Well he felt good in his last fight and I won’t say he’s definitely going to 140 but he could go to 140 if he feels better at that weight,” stated Roach.

    But 147 is where the Mayweather fight will happen if it happens. Roach feels that fight has not happened because Mayweather loves his undefeated record too much.

    “He’s protecting that zero,” explained Roach. “He says he’s the best fighter ever and better than Sugar Ray Robinson, if he loses that zero, he can’t say that anymore. He likes the zero too much.”

    Roach feels Showtime is putting the pressure on Mayweather because they are losing too much on the deal with Mayweather.

    “I don’t know if Showtime can stand to lose more money. They’ve lost their asses off so far. Who else is he going to fight out there that they can make money with? Not too many guys. Pay-per-views are ok but with that guarantee Showtime gave him, they’re not doing so well. But again, everyone’s pay-per-view numbers are down so I mean not just Mayweather but Manny too.”