Mayweather Sparring Partner Cody Crowley “Pacquiao’s got those awkward angles”


Cody CrowleyA novel perspective on Floyd Mayweather Jr’s(47-0, 26KO’s) abilities as he approaches his May 2nd super-bout with Manny Pacquiao(57-5-2, 38KO’s) has been provided by novice professional Cody Crowley, who has been drafted into the Mayweather camp as a sparring partner.

The southpaw Crowley(3-0, 2KO’s) was interviewed by ‘Dontae’s Boxing Nation’ a couple of days ago and described his in-ring escapades with the champ as;

“Once in a lifetime, you can’t buy that experience.”

Imagine sparring with the man at the pinnacle of the sport with only three fights under your belt. Mayweather is lightyears ahead of Crowley in every sense when it comes to the application of skill between the ropes, and the few minutes the fresh-faced young pup spent opposite ‘Money’ would have been invaluable to him.

He related the experience to the camera.

“He’s quick yeah, but it’s not even his speed it’s his timing. He’ll set those traps, and he’ll have you coming in thinking you’re gonna get something and the Pop! He’s there, and then gone. It’s all his timing, timing and experience.”

It sounds like a bewildering way to spend time in the gym, and it seems to have left an impression of awe upon Crowley.

“He makes you pay for every mistake you make.”

I’m guessing with Crowley’s comparatively minimal experience he was paying through the nose. In my mind’s eye I can picture Mayweather carving him up with surgical precision as a horde of hostile faces encircle the ring and bang on the canvas, barking and hollering ‘hard work, dedication, hard work …..’

So what does Crowley believe will happen when Manny Pacquaio takes his place in there on May 2nd? He let us know by the end of the video he’s picking Mayweather on points -as any ‘Money Team’ associate who knows what’s good for him should- but he outlined the circumstances in which felt Mayweather would make Pacquiao the most vulnerable.

“Every single time he jumps in I think Floyd’s gonna be able to time him. Even though Pacquiao’s got those awkward angles and everything, Floyd’s ready for that, he’s timed up.”

That isn’t the first time I’ve heard someone point to that exact component -jumping in- of Pacquiao’s game as a fatal flaw, the feeling being that Mayweather will be able to see any raiding attacks from a mile away and adjust accordingly. That is how Juan Manuel Marquez managed to knock him out cold, after all. Maybe that outcome will happen again here, maybe not.

I believe that Mayweather and Pacquiao are alike in that it is nigh impossible to know just how good they are until you step in the ring with them. And regardless of their painstaking preparations both will be facing the unknown on May 2nd, and to a much higher degree than they are used to.