Martirosyan “They try to be like Lara March 28, he is my enemy,”


martirosyan_lee2091219_001aVanes Martirosyan said he was going to “beat his ass” when referring to Jermell Charlo (25-0, 11 Kos). On Saturday, March 28 from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas to ascertain who is the Pied Piper in the junior middleweight division, the two warriors will finally touch leather. Despite the preceding comments, Martirosyan has stated-over and over again-that he respects Jermell Charlo for taking the fight, but he also believes it is more of a step up for the undefeated fighter than vice versa.

“I honestly do respect him,” said Martirosyan. “I think it is more of a step up for him. I fought Andrade, I fought a lot of top guys with Nelson, so I commend him on that and I respect him for that. I respect any man who steps in the ring with me. I just can’t wait to fight. I wish him the best.”

Another intriguing ingredient in this fight is Martirosyan’s time with trainer Ronnie Shields. Shields, who is the current trainer for Jermell Charlo, trained ‘Nightmare’ for two years. Furthermore, Charlo and Martirosyan trained together in Texas. In a prior interview with, Martirosyan praised both Charlo and Shields, but went on to say that the camaraderie will be on a hiatus at least on 28 March.

“Jermell is a great fighter. We trained together in Texas. The person I respect the most is Ronnie Shields. I really love him. He is a great man, a great trainer. I also love Jermell Charlo’s father. His father was a good man. They’re good kids (the Charlo twins); they are good fighters. But on March 28, he is my enemy,” an austere, but sincere Martirosyan said.

On November 10, 2012, Vanes Martirosyan and Erislandy Lara both went into the ring looking for a decisive victory to boost their stock, but both came up short. The bout ended in a technical draw when an accidental head butt opened up a nasty cut under Martirosyan’s left eye 26 seconds into round nine. When asked if Charlo’s style presented more challenges than Lara’s, the world championship hopeful praised Lara as being one of the best.

“Lara is one of the greatest boxers. He’s just too slick. I think Jermell and Jermall look up to Lara. I think Lara is probably their big brother. They try to be like Lara. It’s going to be like a man vs. a boy. That’s how I feel,” he added. Martirosyan also said he has a good game plan come March 28.

“We got a good game plan. I know he’s going to come out and box. As soon as he tastes my power, I know he’s going to start to run. I think he’s going to fight me the same way he fought Rosado (Gabriel Rosado). We got a lot of things that we got in the bag for him.