Mayweather Sr.:Canelo Fought a Scared Trout, Size Won’t Make Any Difference Against Mayweather


Much was made about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fight with Miguel Cotto. Mayweather beat Cotto in a fun spirited fight where he proved his class once again. But some including his father, Mayweather Sr. felt Mayweather Jr. got hit too much. To Cotto’s credit, he did his best to pressure Floyd and work his jab to a point where Floyd’s nose was bloodied. To others, most felt time was catching up to Mayweather Jr. and his legs were going.

Then came his fight with Robert Guerrero where he reunited with his father, Mayweather Sr. After a lopsided win, those comments were put to rest almost to a point where it seemed like the old Mayweather never left.  “The whole thing is his daddy stepped in. We might have our gripes and this and that. Floyd already knew what to do because he knows what I want. Everything happened just as we wanted, same things going to happen the day of the 14th,” Mayweather Sr. told in a radio interview last week.

Come September 14th however, he won’t be going in the ring with such a heavy underdog that Robert Guerrero was. He’ll be facing Canelo Alvarez, who is younger, bigger, and stronger then Mayweather is in a weight class that some say is too big for the pound for pound king, albeit a catch weight of 152 lbs. Come fight night Canelo may outweigh him by 15 lbs or more. However, Mayweather Sr. doesn’t fear the size difference.

“Last Time Canelo was at 173 lbs during his Trout fight. It ain’t going to be no difference. He’s going to bulk up and it’s ok. Will he have more power? Of course he will. But he won’t be the same fighter. He won’t see the shots or be fast enough to counter. His best thing would be is stay closer to the weight class,” explained Mayweather Sr.

In the Trout fight, Canelo displayed a new wrinkle with his head movement and defense. But he also displayed some stamina issues which might be a problem in a fight with Mayweather Jr. “Whatever mistakes he makes, they will be taken advantage of, I’m not saying what the game plan is but he’s going to pay for it. Trout was in arena full of Spanish people, his ass was scared. He scared and Floyd won’t be. And that’s what makes the difference and that’s why he’s at the fight of his career.”