Mayweather Sr: Pacquiao Couldn’t KO “Novice” Algieri, “Pacman Better Sit Down”


FloydMayweatherSrFloydMayweatherJrFloydwJm34QPC9cglFloyd Mayweather Sr. may not have gotten a chance to speak at the Mayweather-Pacquiao press-conference but Fernando Pimentel of ThaBoxingVoice have him his chance to express himself after the fact, and as always Mayweather Sr. continues to entertain.

Floyd Sr. insists that he doesn’t even care to think or talk about the fight all that much unless someone asks him. It’s really no big deal to him, as he expects Jr. to make it number 48 in the win column.

“Well… it ain’t too much to say. This is a fight that I’m not even really… thrivin’ about, ain’t talkin’ about unless somebody put a microphone in front of my face but other than that, it ain’t nothin’ to moan about. I’m just sayin, I think m’son gonna just razzle-dazzle him.”

Senior then went on to point out that Pacquiao doesn’t seem to have the same kind of power he had in the past. He points out the consistency with which Manny used to batter opponents in the past, that simply has not been there in the last few years. The fact that Manny couldn’t put Chris Algieri away further cements Floyd Sr.’s feeling that Pacquiao just isn’t that much of a threat anymore and certainly is nowhere near Mayweather Jr.’s class.

“He ain’t knocked nobody out in five years. That’s tells you somethin’, that tell’s you a lot… He dropped Shane [Mosely], he beat Cotto up bad, stopped De La Hoya, now you mean tell me he can’t beat this last guy he fought? The guy was a bum, man. That guy was a sub-novice fighter fighting Pacquiao, he supposed to be a top pro in boxing and he talkin’ about whoopin’ the cream of the top!? Man, come on… Pac-Man better sit down.”

Manny Pacquiao famously knocked out Floyd Mayweather Sr. trained Ricky Hatton in the second round several years ago. Mayweather has always maintained that Hatton got caught because he refused to listen to the elder Mayweather. Senior insists that it will not be an issue this time around, and even freestyled some poetry to illustrate his feelings on the matter.