Mchunu Wants Krzysztof Włodarczyk and The Green Belt Next


    Thabiso Mchunu made a name for himself in the cruiserweight division when he upset Eddie Chambers last year being the faster and quicker boxer. He returned last Friday night and won his fight on the NBC Sports Network. Though undersized, he counterpunched well, used his speed, and wrapped up when needed too.

    Mchunu assessed his performance stating, “I felt good, it was a very good fight. It was tough fight because we knew each other so well. He knew everything I was going to do because of my last fight and me countering and fighting off the back foot. I switched and adjusted to what he was bringing and I did well.”

    Mchunu opponent was a later fill for Garrett Wilson who suffered an injury and was forced to pull out. Wilson became sort of a fan favorite when he took a fight with Czar Glazkov on short notice and put up a very good effort. Asked if not fighting Wilson affected his performance, Mchunu stated, “It didn’t much, I can adjust to any style, Wilson looked tough, it was probably going to be the same.”

    But its Mchunu, the fighter that most cruiser-weights will have to adjust to. He feels he can provide problems to any of the cruiserweight champions. “I’m fast, I’m a southpaw. Same thing I been doing. I’m a very smart boxer, my counter punching is good, and I can counter punch a taller guy. I can fight many styles. I’m small but I’m fast and I hit hard,” stated Mchunu.

    Mchunu was very clear in what he wanted to do next. “I want the WBC belt, I want the green belt, and then unify the titles.” That means he wants to fight Krzysztof Włodarczyk next. It’s a fight that Main Events CEO Kathy Duva feels is makeable and forcible through the sanctioning bodies because Mchunu is ranked number 4 in the WBC rankings.