Meet Fast Rising Canadian Prospect Josh Wagner


Josh Wagner (3-0, 2 KO’s) is one of Edmonton’s brightest up and coming boxing prospects whose popularity continues to rise with each fight.

Wagner’s amateur career consisted of 60 fights with 12 losses. He traveled the world during his amateur career fighting in Ireland, Scotland, Jamaica and the U.S. and has never lost a fight outside of his own country and won his first national title in 2010.

The decision to turn pro came to Wagner after he move to Edmonton from Ontario to help his brother with his business. While working in Edmonton he talked to Milan and Mel Lubovac of KO Boxing and resumed his training and decided to make the move to the pros.

In his first pro fight Wagner was placed up against Antonio Dos Santos in a junior middleweight bout. It was quite the test for Wagner who despite being nervous handled himself well against Dos Santos who is a very tough, awkward competitor who is all over the place.

“Before my pro fight I was very confident ,” said Wagner. “Training camp went very well and I was ready to showcase my skills. There was a lot of nerves coming into the fight because I have never experienced weigh ins like that or press conferences and cameras but I took it all in and loved every minute of it. During the fight I wasn’t able to show the fans how I can truly fight. The guy was very awkward and experienced with 8 pro fights. Afterwards I was still happy with the W and it was on to the next one.”

In his second bout Wagner was able to showcase his skills when he dropped down to 147 pounds and took on Akira Morita of Japan stopping him in the third round.

On March 1st, Wagner took on Luke Moore in another opportunity to shine but came into the fight overweight due to not  following a proper diet  which he admits was pretty embarrassing. Wagner assured that it would not happen again and he plans on fighting for a 147 pound title.

“My last fight I did come in over weight and I’m embarrassed and can 100%  say it will never happen again. I didn’t diet properly and thought I could dry out more. I did try my best but my body dried out too late and I wasn’t able to make weight. This has never happened in my boxing career ever and can assure it will not happen again. It just isn’t professional and that’s not how I roll. I will be getting the title at 147. Welterweight is my weight.”

As life goes on, people move on and the current plans for Wagner is a possible bout on April 12th in Calgary, Alberta. The fight has not been confirmed but chances are it is more than likely to happen. Either way, Wagner plans on staying busy to build up as much experience as possible to further himself in the sport.

“Nothing is 100% confirmed for April 12 in Calgary but I am pretty sure it is going to happen. Whether it does or not I’m back in the gym now so I will be ready for anything! They were saying something about maybe fighting  Chris  Aucoin of Ontario but like I said nothing is signed in writing. Me and my team want to gain as much experience as quick as possible. We’re young , hungry and just want belts. I will be happy to be 10-0 by end of 2014 but this sport is a tricky one so I will be happy with whatever. I just wanna fight!”

Wagner pushes himself to be the best at what he does and those that are close to him provide the drive that he needs to achieve his goals.

“My inspiration is my family and friends. They motivate me and I just wanna make it for them. Me and my brother are very close and I’ve always looked up to him. He started boxing and I followed in his footsteps. We were always fighting so why not beat each other up in the ring (laughs). Mom sure liked it (laughs). He turned professional and had 6 pro fights with a record of 4-2 and never fought a guy with a losing record. He always comes to fight and puts on a show and I would say he inspires me to be great!”

While not in the ring, Wagner keeps himself busy with a new addition to his team and spending time with those that are close to him which helps keep him moving forward.

“Outside of boxing I keep myself busy with the new addition  to my team , River valley Health. They deal with every aspect of sports therapy including professional rehab for injuries. Sports psychology  and they do all my strength and conditioning . It really is the best place if you want to take your sport to the next level! Other than that I like just hanging with friends , relaxing and a great  thing about moving to Edmonton is the indoor water park.”

While in the ring Wagner does not just box, he entertains. He loves to put on a show for the people which will add to the demand to see him fight again. He has been making a name for himself and is quickly building a name for himself rising up in the Canadian rankings and is looking to make quite a bit of noise in the boxing world. The louder the better.

“Everyone out there that knows me knows I just want to impress and put on a show and be the best. I will be a champion and won’t stop until I get there! To everyone who doesn’t know me, watch out because I’m coming to make some noise in the boxing world! Josh “The Boss” Wagner make sure you remember the name.”