Melissa Hernandez: I Want To Box Ronda Not Fight MMA. I Could Care Less About MMA


    There has been plenty of talk going on from both boxing and MMA fans about a possible fight with Ronda Rousey and former world champion Melissa Hernandez after Hernandez called out Rousey whom said she could beat Floyd Mayweather. Hernandez wanted to make it known that if a fight with Rousey could be made it would be a boxing match and not a MMA fight.

    “To clear the wind… I want to box Ronda not fight MMA,” said Hernandez. “I couldn’t care less about MMA. (They are) 2 very different combats. I’m pissed about the shit talking coming from her side so if she wants to box we can dance. All that kicking and holding shit just plain old’ disrespectful and I don’t care for it. ‘Don’t talk no shit won’t be no shit.'”