Message From Last Round Boxer President Daniel Doiron About Thefts At Event, Fighters Not Getting Paid


    On June 15th, in the small city of Moncton New Brunswick, Canada, there was a small boxing event being held which is a topic of controversy now. With fighters not getting paid their complete purse or a partial purse and a huge sum of money was reported missing, Daniel Doiron has made a statement about what transpired.

    “Nearly 500 fans attended the ‘UNDER FIRE’ card this past Saturday. Thank you for your support. I normally would not respond to what has been written about me or the card – but this time I must provide some insight. For starters, I apologize to each and every boxer that did not get his purse or full purse as a result of a criminal act now under police investigation. I have always worked to promote boxers and the sport at its highest level – and I will not stop until every fighter, and their trainers are provided with all the necessary purse or expense money. I will fight for you, just as you have fought for me. I am in your corner in every instance, and make no mistake; I am going to work with the Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission to make sure you do get paid. What happened is a travesty, and somebody must be held accountable.

    For reasons only a thief can know, a large sum of money was stolen and a police investigation was initiated by me. A thief can steal a person’s life, destroy their credibility within seconds or minutes. In my 54 years on this planet I have tried my best to be a decent person with sweat, tears and love. I do not know the identity of this person or person(s), but a witness account of at least one person leaving from inside the room through the side door has been given to the police. My parents taught me integrity, respect and responsibility and faith in God. Fighters near and far have trusted me, because of my commitments to them and the sport of boxing. What happened on June 15, 2013 at the Moncton Lions Club is a criminal act, and is deplorable and incomprehensible. I seek only justice in this matter. I am not throwing anybody under the bus without knowing all the facts. I have a clear conscious. I love boxers and boxing people, and nobody has the right to take what isn’t theirs, what you took away isn’t measured only in dollars. It is measured by the efforts that these boxers, their trainers, family and supports have committed to n pursuit of their dreams. I had hoped to continue promoting boxing, because I love match-making and believe in competitive fights. I am so exhausted, disgusted and hurt by this, and the fact that my name, my history in the sport, as a person may have been tarnished forever. Please do not speculate or write something unconsciously by way of misinformation, or make misleading statements without knowing all the facts. I trust explicitly – that is my nature, and it is also my weakness. Boxing can be a subjective sport as they say, but theft is pure and intentional. It is a mighty blow to those that deserved better.

    Please understand that the whole truth hasn’t been told yet. I never expected for a thief to steal the show…I am troubled by what happened to everybody involved. I will not forget your courage or your willingness to fight on a Last Round Boxer Show. I have the greatest admiration for what each of you brings to boxing…

    Always in your corner, Daniel Doiron – Last Round Boxer President