Michelle Rosado A “Raging Babe” Amongst Men


    If you watch a fight, especially the post fight interviews while the fighters are still in the ring, I challenge you to count the women in the ring. Aside from the wives and children of the fighters themselves, you might be hard pressed to find a woman in the ring. We all know that boxing is a man’s world, especially the business side. You have Bob Arum, Oscar De La Hoya, Lou Dibella, and as of late, rapper 50 cent. I bet as a casual fan you may remember a movie about a female promoter. Her name is Jackie Kallen and as she continues to promote. She also serves as a role model to the next round of females in the boxing business; one in particular is Michelle Rosado.

    Dubbed the “Raging Babe” by a TV news anchor (Get the full story below), Michelle is on a mission to live out her dream and put her passion for the sport to good use. After following her on twitter, I came to see that we had a lot in common, and that if she really is anything like me, she can change the boxing world forever.

    Michelle was gracious enough to give us an idea of just exactly who she is and what she is all about!

    How did you get involved in boxing?

    I met a young boxer who was just about to turn pro. He was new to Phoenix. I volunteered to help him, which led to management. I was negotiating with promoters, contacting matchmakers, getting him publicity, and meeting with potential sponsors. I found a new respect and level of professionalism for the sport and I was immediately hooked to the business.


    Who were your favorite fighters to watch when you first got into boxing?

    My Dad liked Tommy Hearns so naturally so did I, but it was Mike Tyson who totally grabbed my attention. He was a character. He was intimidating. He was controversial. You never knew what was going to come out his mouth or what he would do in the ring. He was knocking people out cold in the most dramatic ways. Then came along Tito Trinidad and I fell IN LOVE with boxing. His pride, heart, passion, and charisma were captivating.


    Who are some top prospects you think will be the next superstars?

     Adrien Broner

    Thomas Dulorme


    Nonito Donaire


    What exactly does the “Raging Babe” do?

    Raging Babe Media & Entertainment will focus on helping fighters increase exposure through strategic media relations, enhance their image through digital development, improve their financial partnerships, and provide spokesperson preparation and training. When I started Face II Face Events, I didn’t have a team prep me for all the ruthlessness in the business nor was I given any handouts. Marketing, producing, and promoting a boxing event is no piece of cake (especially as a woman), I had to work extra hard for every meeting, sponsor, promotion, relationship, and in branding. Since I had many people in the business contacting me seeking cohesive direction, advice, and PR services, it was only right that I branch out and do for others what I had to do for my own company. I know what it takes. I’ve personally been through it.

    Who is “Raging Babe”?

    Raging Babe is me and all the other fabulous & strong women who love boxing!


    Look out for Raging Babe apparel!

    What is “Raging Babe”?

    It is a grind filled with passion, drive, and determination. It is a business pursuit based on principals, loyalty, and integrity. We’ll only align ourselves with clients that have the same motto. They have to go hard all-day every-day! 

    How did you get the nickname?

    The Phoenix New Times dubbed me “Raging Babe” last year. Monica Alonzo wrote an amazing story not only about me, the boxing enthusiast and my quest as a promoter, but the issues such as immigration, corruption and the black-eye reputation that boxing itself had in the State of Arizona and how I was tackling them as a Latina woman in a business where men have ruled it for many years. That story opened up doors for me that I never could have imagined such as community outreach, mentorship, and motivational speaking.


    What do you think about the state of the game right now?

    PEDs usage in professional boxing right now needs to be addressed on a higher level. It has really damaged the integrity of the sport. The whole industry needs to wake up and put together standard drug-testing practices, codes, and rules to protect fighters. I also think the super prizefights are just not happening in boxing right now. Boxing has become ALL about the money and the cold wars between promoters are preventing big fights from happening. MMA took a lot of the younger mainstream audience with their big time marketing and the ability to build names and create the big popular fights. The days of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Rocky Marciano, Julio Cesar Chavez, and Joe Frazier were like the watching the Super Bowl for many boxing fans. I think boxing fans miss the heart of a champion too. But boxing will survive.


    Do you think it is harder to be successful in this sport (on the business side) as a woman?

    The boxing business has been a man’s world for many years and it can be much more brutal and ruthless when you’re a woman. I’ve had to deal with sexism, lies, rumors, racism, name calling, and plenty of letdowns. At first, I would get really defensive, but I learned to roll with the punches. I just do my best to stick to my guns and stay true to who I am, while conducting myself professionally. I see men and women as equal.


    What is your ultimate goal? 

    I want to continue producing quality boxing shows and help fighters promote and maintain their image. My dream would be to open a boxing gym.


    What did you major in while in college? (Was this always your intended career path or did it just happen?)

    I majored in Mechanical Engineering. Landing in the boxing business just happened. The sport was always my passion, which makes this all that more surreal for me. I’m blessed.


    How do you think you could leave an impact on the sport? 

    My integrity is everything to me. It defines my character. I may not be a boxing expert, but I know good business and I know that it is always best to be honest and treat people fairly. I intend to keep it that way. I know no other way.


    Who inspires you?

    Jackie Kallen, the First Lady of Boxing. She has seen it all and done it all and has a wealth of knowledge. She is my mentor and offers a tremendous amount of support. I can only hope to accomplish half of what she has accomplished in the sport of boxing.

    Oprah. She is an empire. She is so powerful yet so charitable and compassionate. She is a pioneer and a go-getter.

    My Dad. He fought a relentless fight with cancer for over 20 years on and off, all while still working to take care of our family.



    You can follow the Raging Babe on twitter! @M_RagingBabe

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