Miguel Cotto-Jorge Sebastian Heiland In Play?


Miguel Cotto v Delvin RodriguezMiguel Cotto is making his return to the ring on June 6th in New York. That’s about all we know on his possible return. There still is no opponent set, no venue set, or a deal with a network set to televise his fight. Cotto inked a 3 fight 50 million dollar deal with Roc Nation Sports and the company his big plans for the company. But who does he fight?

When the deal with Roc Nation was first signed, it was thought that Cornelius “K9” Bundrage was the leading man to land the Cotto fight. However in boxing, things are ever changing, and it seems there may be a new opponent appearing on the horizon.

In a report by ESPN Deportes in Miami, Jorge Sebastian Heiland is stated at having an opportunity to land the Miguel Cotto fight. The fight makes sense on certain levels.

First off, Heiland is a middleweight ranked in the top 10 of the WBC Rankings. Cotto has received a lot of criticism because he is the lineal Middleweight champion and opponents mentioned before were either 154lbers in Bundrage’s case and 147lbers in the case of Brandon Rios and Tim Bradley.

Secondly, Heiland and Cotto share the same manager in Gabriel Peñagaricano, so a fight between the two would be easy to make.
Thirdly and likely the most important factor, Heiland was recently approved by HBO as one of the opponents to fight Gennady Golovkin, who happens to be Cotto’s mandatory for his WBC Middleweight title. Cotto is already a franchise while Golovkin is becoming one.

One would think that if this approval was made for Golovkin, then why not Cotto? But things are ever changing. What is known is that Miguel Cotto will be in Los Angeles this weekend for certain commitments and to map out a plan with Freddie Roach for training camp. Peñagaricano says news of Cotto’s next fight should be finalized soon? So what say you as Heiland for an opponent for Cotto?