Miguel Cotto – Juan Manuel Marquez Exhibition Bout June 12th


Fighters never retire. Their in-ring days may come to an end but they somehow stay involved with the sport that brought them opportunities that they could not have achieved living an ordinary life. They may become trainers, advisors, promoters, or show up at events from time to time, but when they do, the light shines on them and some of that glory is brought back but the itch to compete again never fully goes away.

It’s something we’ve seen happen more frequently with some of the legends in the sport coming back for exhibition bouts. Julio Cesar Chavez has been doing it for while but the biggest name to push it on the American audience is without a doubt, Mike Tyson. Tyson returned last year in an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. and after the success that received plans for more exhibitions between greats of the sport have come to fruition. The latest is a contest between Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Cotto last fought in 2017 against Sadam Ali. Cotto lost that fight and retired immediately after the loss. He was in fact going to retire no matter the outcome he just wanted one last hurrah to cap off his hall of fame career. Since then Cotto has focused on promoting and he has not done badly for himself.

Marquez’s final appearance in the ring took place in 2014 when he beat Mike Alvarado. He had planned to continue fighting but knee injuries prevented him from competing so hanging up the gloves seemed to be the only option. Marquez has remained busy and his work on ESPN deported has been great.  The two legends will square off on June 12th in Miami.