Miguel Cotto On Roc Nation “It’s an alliance to finish my career”


Miguel Cotto v Delvin RodriguezMiguel Cotto walked in his New York press conference all smiles and told the media, “It feels excellent.” Excellent is big money as he signed to Roc Nation Sports that will lead Miguel Cotto into the sunset as he moves from the twilight of his career into retirement.

“It’s an alliance to finish my career with the grandest opportunity,” explained Cotto. The alliance includes Cotto Promotion fighters being showcased on Roc Nation Sport shows as well. Along with the boxing side, Roc Nation will be bringing in other ventures outside of boxing including philanthropic initiatives with his foundation, building his brand beyond the core boxing fans and positioning it in the mainstream. That also include ventures into music and entertainment for Cotto Promotions.

But why the move from Top Rank who many people felt did right by his career but Cotto was pretty mum to the media at the press conference on his relationship with Top Rank Inc.

“As far as Top Rank, whats been talked about has been talked about, so there really isn’t a need to talk about that right now,” stated Cotto.

So what’s the move for June 6th? Many rumors have Cornelius Bundrage as the front runner for the fight. Cotto says, “We’re here observing the names at the table. We’ll see next week to who we choose. The date is June 6th for my return. We’ll see if it’s at Madison Square Garden or not.

Is Gennady Golovkin an option being that he’s the mandatory to his WBC World Middleweight title. Cotto responded by saying, “It’s a process that all the organizations do. They have a champion, and then they have a mandatory, so it’s nothing new.”

Cotto was asked if this changes possibilities for a Canelo Alvarez match up down the line. Cotto said,”I don’t know its possible, if those names are on at the table in the future, we’ll see at that time.”

Cotto will start training in April for this fight but says he won’t hold a joint camp with Manny Pacquiao.

“We’ll start training the first week of April,” explained Cotto. “No Manny will be finishing off his camp. We don’t want to be a distraction for Manny or Freddie for the big fight he has on May 2nd.”

As far as his prediction for the fight Cotto says, “They both know what they have to do in their training camps, and we’ll see a grand fight.”