Miguel Flores feels Berchelt’s corner failed him by not stopping the fight


    Oscar Valdez did what a majority of people in the boxing world thought he wouldn’t do, beat Miguel Berchelt. Berchelt was on his seventh title defense since winning the belt from Francisco Vargas in 2017.

    Berchelt was the bigger man going into the fight but as the saying goes there are levels to this shit. Valdez is on another level.

    Berchelt got hurt, rocked, and put down on several occasions and suffered a brutal knockout. There is no quit in Berchelt but his corner should have seen it coming. 

    You might say it’s easy for someone that’s not a professional fighter to say but that’s where you’re wrong.

    “As soon as Berchelt came back to his corner and told em ‘ya valio verga’ they should’ve considered stopping it.” Miguel Flores “El Michoacano.”

    Not only did Berchelt’s corner fail him so did the referee and all those ringside that could have prevented that horrible, possible life-threatening knockout. 

    Thankfully Berchelt was able to communicate and leave the ring as alert as he could have been.  It’s the hurt game and it’s easy to want to see more when you’re not the one taking the blows.