Miguel Gonzalez Calls Out Terrence Crawford


    “I want Terrance Crawford next on HBO October 5th, that’s what I want,” Miguel “Silky Smooth” Gonzalez said after his technical knockout of Josenilson Dos Santos Silva in the eighth round on a very hot mid summer’s evening in Lincoln, Ca. Gonzalez who appeared to be the strong of the two fighters bullied Dos Santos for most of the fight eventually wearing him down with constant pressure. The big question now is did Gonzalez do enough to earn his spot on a major HBO card one headlined by fellow Puerto Rican superstar Miguel Cotto?


    “I want Crawford next! Ask him about when we met in the amateurs? He knows what happened.” Gonzalez gloated backstage as the doctor tirelessly tried to pry us away from his inherited client. Gonzalez, who won his last contest against former champ Miguel Acosta which Banner Promotions, Artie Pellulo explained “It was his breakout performance. [Gonzalez] did what he supposed to do.”  Yet there are so still two things the loss to Mike Dallas Jr, whom is a good fighter, but not fared well against the top level was just two fights ago and his style of fighting is not always the most crowd pleasing.


    Gonzalez, who fought in a ring mat that was guesstimated at 132 degrees as well as 100 plus weather conditions on the fighters with shadows lingering throughout the fight. “I just get in the zone when I am in there,” Gonzalez explained to me how he was able to do so well against the ever changing conditions. These conditions in particular seemed to play a part in Dos Santos’ demise as Dos Santos who looked a tad bit soft on the scales and eat a Pizza Hut pizza after the weigh in appeared to be exhausted by not just the constant pressure of Gonzalez, but the heat of the outdoor venue.


    For Gonzalez, the Terrance Crawford fight would symbolize the culmination of all of his hard work as he would get the big fight he had been wanting all along and against Terrance Crawford, HBO’s new lightweight darling, things appear they couldn’t be any rosier. The problem is that both Crawford and Gonzalez can leave a lot to be desired at times with the style of fighting and to get Gonzalez in this fight may be hard as HBO has not seemed keen on the concept of Guillermo Rigondeaux being a mainstay on the network air waves yet with that being said the only other option for Crawford would be Gamboa, who really should not fight at 135 lbs. So Gonzalez may get the fight by default and the big question is with his come forward and “pressure” style that tends to lead to head clashes and so forth and so on. The big question is styles make fight, but would Crawford easily handle Gonzalez’s style or would it become a Lara/Angulo type fight where it is much better than on paper.


    Miguel Gonzalez truly is a question mark at the highest level of the division, but that is not always a bad thing as sometimes question marks lead to the thoughts, ideas and actions that change the world. On the latter half sometimes they don’t and the rowdy Sacramento crowd spent the night influx during Gonzalez’s fight as it appeared neither man threw enough punches to their delight as it was more so a close rugged fight that spawned boos in the middle of each round give or take. Silky Smooth, the nickname of Gonzalez did what he was supposed to do in his second outing of getting the job done. Gonzalez need a dominant finish to make a stand for himself as a legit primetime premium cable network fighter and now, he may have just made the case for it even throughout the fight some found the fight a bit slower than one might of hoped.


    When reflecting on the knockout Gonzalez simply explained, “It’s was the eighth round? Really, the eighth, seriously?” As Gonzalez, appeared to do what I did on my drive home that night – lose track of time as I forgot about 35 minutes of my drive that I swear never happened and somehow an hour disappeared along with that time, so I understand how Gonzalez feels. Nonetheless, Gonzalez now is in the position he wanted to be in healthy and not banged up heading into October 5th card that he so desperately wants to fight on.